Mounting kit included with pre-cut car window tint film

Pre-cut solar film + Mounting Kit # 1

We have now made a mounting kit that will be included when you buy pre-cut solar film.
The "Mounting Kit # 1" package includes:
1 pc Spray bottle.
1 pc Mounting squeegee.
1 pc Knife.
1 st TintGel™ - Dot Matrix fix 50ML.
1 pc Foam brush - for TintGel™ application.
1 pc FilmApp - Mounting fluid concentrate 20ML.
1 pc Microfiber cloth.
1 pc Rough fiber cloth.

Assembly Kit # 1 included when you buy:
All rear windows (Behind the driver's seat)
All Rear windows + Front doors
7 Rear windows (Behind the driver's seat)
5 Rear windows (Behind the driver's seat)
3 Rear windows (Behind the driver's seat)
Or when you order pre-cut solar film for a car for SEK 1,000 or more.
NOTE: that 1 mounting kit is included per order, if you order for several cars we send with extra mounting fluids.